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    CableEye by CAMI - Cable and Wire Harness Test Systems

    CableEye cable tester from ALLDAQ - now with high voltage test up to 2100 VDC!


    The CableEye System is foremost a series of cable testers. Its modularity in hard- and software makes it a great solution for many applications. With a minimum of 128 test points that can be expanded to up to 2560, measurement of resistors and diodes, high-voltage tests up to 2.1kVDC to acquire isolation resistance of up to 5GOhm there are many possibilities to design a system that can be upgraded at a later point in time.

    The user is helped by the proven Windows-based software to be able to learn, design, build, and test wires, cables, harnesses, simple PCBs, and customer-specific adapter hardware. The AutoBuild™ software together with the Light-Director hardware can even assist the personnel to assemble one- and two-sided cables.

    The hard- and software helps:

    • Cables under test can be viewed graphically or in the traditional list description
    • Test for errors in a test-loop
    • Print and save documentation including nearly all possible information
    • Print individually marked, definable labels
    • Save all data locally or on a server
    • Create automated test sequences

    And much more!

      Please check out the many videos on the CableEye website

      CableEye/CAMI Brochure (de)
      CableEye/CAMI Brochure (de)
      CableEye Catalog (en)
      CableEye Catalog (en)
      CableEye Selection Guide (de)
      CableEye Selection Guide (de)

      Free 2 Week Trial: Cable & Harness Tester Demo System

      Borrow a CableEye demo unit at ALLDAQ and experience CableEye® multiconductor Cable & Harness Testers first-hand. We will equip your base system with the required connector boards (up to 2 sets) needed for your application. We believe there is no better way for you to evaluate our product than to use it in your own environment. Clear, easy-to-follow instructions assist you in setting up and using CableEye. [Learn more...]

      CableEye Software

      The special thing about the CableEye System ist the perfect cooperation between the hard- and software. The software included when the hardware is shipped features all functions needed to do regular testing of cables. Any number of cables can be learned and saved to serve as match data to which the cable under test is compared to. The “Pass” and “Fail” results are shown in the software and also on the tester itself. [Learn more...]

      CableEye M2U Basic Cable Tester

      The M2U Basic is the smallest system for the cost-sensitive application of cables with up to 128 pins. This is the only model that cannot be upgraded at a later point in time in case more test points are needed.

      CableEye M2U Basic Cable Tester

      CableEye M2U Full Cable Tester

      The M2U Full offers the standard 128 test points plus an additional 24-pin bank. This model can be expanded in 128-pin steps.

      More about the CableEye M2U Full Cable Tester

      CableEye M3U Cable Tester

      The M3U is the first of the CableEye family to offer the capability to measure resistance and diodes. Errors and embedded components are easy to check.

      More about the CableEye M3U Cable Tester

      CableEye HVX Cable Tester

      The HVX ist he high-voltage tester in the CableEye series. The low-voltage part works just like the M3U. The high-voltage part allows users to test cables for leakage at up to 1500VDC/1000VAC. Isolation resistance is measureable at up to 1GΩ.

      More about the CableEye HVX Cable Tester

      CableEye Connector Boards for Cable Testers

      Many connector boards (CB boards) are available for the testers. Besides the over 60 different standard-boards, customer-specific versions can be created. Contact us!

      More about the CableEye Connector Boards

      CableEye Hardware Accessories

      CableEye Hardware Accessories, such as cases, foot switches, risers, etc.

      More about the CableEye Hardware Accessories

      CableEye Software Accessories

      Special software options are available for situations that call for an even more specific functionality. Examples are the AutoBuild™ Software with audio support, the Light-Director-function, the PinMap- and Connector Designer software for graphic integration of customer-specific adapters and connectors, the Exporter-software for importing end exporting existing files to CSV or XML. The API allows programming of the software in VisualBasic and LabVIEW.

      More about the CableEye Software Accessories


      Interested? Contact our CableEye experts under:

      Phone: +49 (0)89 894 222 - 474

      Email: sales(at)alldaq.com

      Manufacturer homepage: www.camiresearch.com

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