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    Cleverscope - Box Oscilloscopes & Analyser via USB/Ethernet

    Cleverscope - Box Oscilloscopes & Analyser via USB/Ethernet


    The Cleverscope 2 channel box oscilloscopes of the CS32xA series are connected by USB or ethernet with the PC depending on model. All models can be used flexible as oscilloscopes or spectrum analyser. Optional available with signal generator or isolated sine generator and an 8 channel logic analyser for mixed-signal operation. Two units can be cascaded to a 4 channel oscilloscope. The Windows software allows intuitive operation and graphical display of data. Perfectly for laboratory and mobile applications.

    Many features for professionals are available depending on model:

    • Data streaming directly to disk for long-term logging (up to 200 GSamples). The signal curve can be re-loaded and analysed later with the Cleverscope software

    • Dual trigger unit to combine standard trigger events like a rising edge with user-definable bit patterns at the digital inputs

    • Extensive maths functions for sophisticated applications

    • 20 MHz 5th order anti-alias filter for improved spectrum analysis performance

    • Isolated sine generator (0-65 MHz) for frequency response analysis (optional)

    • Two units can be cascaded to one 4 channel oscilloscope

    • Very powerful Windows software for individual layout of your GUI

    • Excel, Matlab and LabVIEW interface as well as API for high-level language programming

      Many interesting videos can be found in the Cleverscope Youtube channel

      Cleverscope data sheet (en)

      The clever Oscilloscopes in Overview

      Model Art.-No. Analog Channels Resolution Sample Rate Memory Digital Channels Signal Generator PC Interface Probes incl.
      ...with Ethernet Interface (electrical isolated to PC ground)
      CS320AE 127889 2 10 bit 100 MS/s 4 MSamples - - Ethernet/LAN (CS741)  3)
      CS328AE 127886 2 10 bit 100 MS/s 4 MSamples 8 - Ethernet/LAN (CS741) 3)4)
      CS328A-XSE 127882 2 14 bit 100 MS/s 8 MSamples 8 CS700A1) Ethernet/LAN (CS741) 3)4)
      CS328A-XSEi 127883 2 14 bit 100 MS/s 8 MSamples 8 CS7012) Ethernet/LAN (CS741) 3)4)
      ...with USB 2.0 Interface
      CS320A 127888 2 10 bit 100 MS/s 4 MSamples - - USB 2.0 (CS740) 3)
      CS320A-FRA 127887 2 10 bit 100 MS/s 4 MSamples - CS7012) USB 2.0 (CS740) 3)
      CS328A 127885 2 10 bit 100 MS/s 4 MSamples 8 - USB 2.0 (CS740) 3)4)
      CS328A-FRA 127884 2 10 bit 100 MS/s 4 MSamples 8 CS7012) USB 2.0 (CS740) 3)4)
      CS328A-XS 127880 2 14 bit 100 MS/s 8 MSamples 8 CS700A1) USB 2.0 (CS740) 3)4)
      CS328A-XSi 127881 2 14 bit 100 MS/s 8 MSamples 8 CS7012) USB 2.0 (CS740) 3)4)

      1) CS700A: Signal generator (0-10 MHz, sine, rectangular, triangle)

      2) CS701: Sine generator for frequency response analysis (0-65 MHz, Sine) up to 300 Vrms isolated

      3) 2 passive probes (CS1001)

      4) 8 logic probes (CS1004/CS1005)




      Cleverscope Hardware Features:

      • Two 10, 12 or 14 bit analog channels with simultaneous sampling up to 100 MS/s
      • External trigger input
      • Eight digital inputs with 100 MS/s sampling rate
      • 4 or 8 MS memory per channel, allows storing of 2 or more signal frames with 20 or 40 ms duration at 10 ns resolution (total memory capacity is 64 MBytes)
      • Anti-alias filter for best performance of the spectrum analysis
      • Dual triggered system allows triggerung on edge, rise-time, period, counter depending on digital values
      • Trigger state LED at the front
      • Optional sine generator (0..65 MHz) or signal generator (0..10 MHz, sine, rectangular, triangle)

      Cleverscope Software Features:

      • Separate, free moveable windows to display the signal, a zoomed signal detail and the frequency spectrum
      • Spectrum analysis with multiple analysis options
      • Signal averaging and filtering
      • Extensive maths functions incl. + - / •, x2, transcendental functions, integral functions and filter functions
      • Up to 8 user-definable mathematical equations
      • Calculation of derived values: frequency, RMS value, peak value, period, DC, standard deviation and marker values
      • Signal measurements, incl. peak, RMS value, DC, pulse-width, period and frequency
      • Copy/Paste into other programs
      • Saving and opening from resp. to a memory media incl. auto-save function after trigger
      • User-definable dimensions and scaling
      • Add comments to each curve

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