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    ADQ-300 - Isolated Multi-Function DAQ Board

    Ideal for universal use in industry and laboratory

    • 16/32 differential 18 bit voltage inputs up to 800 kS/s
    • Input ranges: ±10.24 V, ±5.12 V, 0-10.24 V, 0-5.12 V
    • Isolation voltage A/D part ADQ-34x: 1500 VDC (60 s)
    • 2/4 16 bit voltage outputs (±10.24 V) bis 500 kS/s
    • Isolation voltage D/A part ADQ-34x: 1500 VDC (60 s)
    • 16/32 TTL DIOs (3.3 V/5 V), max. 20 mA per output
    • ADQ-34x: 8 isolated digital inputs (high: 15..35 V)
    • ADQ-34x: 8 isolated digital outputs up to 600 mA/output
    • Isolation voltage DIO part ADQ-34x: 500 VAC
    • Special functions:

      • 32 bit counter
      • I2C bus port
      • Incremental encoder port
      • Frequency measurement for rectangular signals
      • PWM output for rectangular signals with adjustable duty factor

    ADQ-300 series datasheet

    Isolated multi-function data acquisition boards with up to 32 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, 32 DIOs...


    The data-acquisiton boards of the ADQ-300 series from ­ALLDAQ are fail-safe multi-function data acquisition boards with newest FPGA technology, best price/performance ratio and long-term delivery guarantee. They are ideal for universal use in industry and laboratory.

    Model overview







    Analog inputs (18 bit)


    16 diff.

    16 diff.

    32 diff.

    16 diff.

    16 diff.

    32 diff.

    Sampling rate

    200 kS/s up to 800 kS/s synchronously*

    Input ranges

    ±10.24 V, ±5.12 V, 0..10.24 V, 0..5.12 V (0-20 mA on request)

    Isolation A/D part

    1500 VDC (60s) to PC ground

    Analog outputs (16 bit)

    Number, resolution

    2 channels

    4 channels

    2 channels

    4 channels

    Isolation D/A part

    1500 VDC (60s) to PC ground

    Digital I/Os


    32 TTL DIOs (3.3 V or 5 V switchable)

    16 TTL DIOs (3.3 V or 5 V switchable)

    Isolated DIOs

    8 isolated DIs, 8 isolated DOs up to 600 mA per output

    Isolation DIO part

    500 VAC to PC ground

    Special functions****

    1 x 32 bit counter, 1 x I2C bus, 1 x incremental encoder, 1 x frequency measurement, 1 x PWM output

    *Sample rate depends on number of actively used channels per channel group (AI module), one channel group consists of 8 channels (1 channel: 800 kS/s, 2 channels: 550 kS/s, 8 channels: 200 kS/s)

    **Depending on operation system and PC configuration. ***Isolated on ADQ-34x models.    ****in preparation.

    Software Support

    • Drivers for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista SP2 (32/64 bit)
    • API with a unified programming logic for Windows
    • Programming support (SDK) with examples for C++, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi/Pascal and Python included
    • ALLDAQ-Manager - Utility software offers a central access to the parameters of the ALLDAQ driver system and the help files
    • Virtual Instruments (VIs) for LabVIEW™
    • MATLAB® interface with examples and help file

    Calibration certificate required?

    We collaborate with independent test laboratories accredited by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS). Contact us!

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    ALLDAQ – the measurement experts of ALLNET GmbH

    ALLDAQ was founded as a new business unit of ALLNET GmbH Computersysteme at the beginning of 2014. Das ALLDAQ team comes with many years of experience in developing PC based measurement. The business activities are structured into the areas of in-house development of PC measurement as well as distribution of products for measurement and automation. Thus enables ALLDAQ offering a broad portfolio for industry, laboratory, R & D and education.




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